metlifeMetLife is a branch of MetLife, Inc. operating in Nepal since 5 December 2001. We are providing Life Insurance, Accident & Health Insurance and Employee Benefits. MetLife Insurance Plans provide attractive insurance protection and benefits at a competitive cost.

Today we have over four hundred thousands (as of August 2012) customers in Nepal, and over a decade, we’ve become very used to listening to the local community and developing our offering according to people’s needs. We know that our success depends on the success of the local community. So we’ve always done our best to nurture talent, as well as work with the government and partners to build a strong regulatory framework around the insurance sector – so our customers have the very best protection. We believe in diversity and ethnicity and make sure to reach people from all walks of life. We’ve also learnt that it’s not just when the economy is thriving that we can make a difference – it’s also important that we try to do our bit to help in times of crisis too.